Homilies 2018

Homily: Easter Vigil, 2018


Easter Vigil
31st March, 2018

"Today we have the first of four songs of the servant of God from Isaiah. It is a beautiful description of a mysterious servant of God which the Church has long realised applies so aptly to Jesus." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Mass: Monday of Holy Week, 2018


Mass: Monday of Holy Week
26th March, 2018

"Today we have the first of four songs of the servant of God from Isaiah. It is a beautiful description of a mysterious servant of God which the Church has long realised applies so aptly to Jesus." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Mass of Chrism, 2018


27th March, 2018

"With this ceremony of this Mass of the Oils, we are entering the holiest days of the Church's year. In these next few days, we shall journey with Jesus, through the crowded streets of Jerusalem, to his last supper, his arrest and trials, his suffering and death, coming finally to that glorious moment of his resurrection!" - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Good Friday, 2018


Good Friday
30th March, 2018

"Today we celebrate the Good Friday of our Lord’s Passion, the moment when Jesus our Lord was condemned to death by Pontius Pilate at the instigation of His opponents, and put to suffer and was tortured, made to bear the heavy wooden cross, and eventually was crucified on the cross, and died. This is what we commemorate today, the day when our Lord Himself died for our sake." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Easter Sunday, 2018


 Easter Sunday Mass
1st April, 2018

"Happy Easter! Let us rejoice and be glad today! And not just today. But every day for the rest of our lives. Because Jesus Christ died, and today he is alive forever!" - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Galen College Wangaratta Commencement of the Year Mass, 15th March, 2018

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125pxToday I am pleased to be with you all, to ask for God’s blessing that we might be successful in doing great things this year, both individually and communally.  It is timely to remind ourselves in this first term of 2018, that whatever good we achieve in the coming year we achieve through God’s help and guidance. 

Homily: Trustees’ Mass Corpus Christi College 9th March, 2018

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125pxLook at what affection and regard Jesus answered this scribe. Unlike others, this scribe was seeking wisdom, not an argument. He relished Jesus' answer, and placed it in the context of the Scriptures. Jesus rewarded him with that grave compliment: ‘You are not far from the kingdom of God’. And here is a good question for ourselves:  Could you say that to me, Lord? Is my search as serious as that scribe's?. - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: St Michael’s Church Sandy Creek Centenary Mass 3rd March, 2018

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125pxGathered together in this beautiful old Church, it gives me great pleasure to join with you today to offer my congratulations and to mark the commencement of the celebrations by offering the Sandy Creek centenary Mass.

Homily: St Mary of the Angels’ College Nathalia opening Mass, 2018


St Mary of the Angels’ College
9th February, 2018

"The beginning of a school year is always a busy and exciting time for students, parents and teachers alike. 2018 is no different and we welcome all to this Mass today. In particular, we wish all students, parents and teachers a wonderful year, full of learning and opportunities." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Marist College Commencement Mass, 2018


Marist College Commencement Mass

8th February, 2018

"Today we ask God’s blessing on the beginning of the school year and this is always a time when there is some excitement about new teachers, new students, discussion of holidays and generally looking forward to new experiences through listening and learning, and being immersed in an exciting curriculum." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Divine Will Conference Mass - Australia Day, 2018


Holy Rosary Church, White Hills

"The Beatitudes present a model of happiness contrary to what is usually communicated by the media and by the secular wisdom. They show us what is in the heart of Jesus, what he considered to be signs of God's kingdom. Remembering Luisa Piccarreta, we pray today that our eyes may be blessed to recognise how the Divine Will may be honoured, and the kingdom of God recognized around and about us." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: CEO Commissioning Mass 23rd January, 2018


 CEO Commissioning Mass
23rd January, 2018

"By accepting a job in Catholic Education, recently or some time ago, you are inserting yourselves into the life and mission of the Church, and you have taken on an awesome responsibility." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

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