Pathways for Families 2018

The Sandhurst Diocese has produced “Pathways for Families”.pathways fpr families cover 350px

These booklets have been carefully prepared, in line with the Diocese’s Vision statement “that every person’s heart be inflamed by the love of God”. These booklets are a means to reach out to those of us, who despite being surrounded by people, might feel alone with our problems or search for a more meaningful life or deeper spiritual fulfilment. These booklets aim to attract a generation who are less likely to seek assistance from their local priest or community for their problems. “Pathways for Families” is a means to avail services offering practical assistance and a tool to connect with community and build faith.

For many families, Christmas is one of the few times they attend Mass, what nicer way to celebrate new life and new birth than to give a tool to help us to put faith at the centre of our lives. To quote Bishop Les “If Christmas is to be more than sentimentality, tinsel and lights, then our Christmas worship should challenge us to go out and play our part in making the world a better place. It is our task as followers of the ‘Christ-child’, born the ‘Prince of Peace’, to carry his message of hope to the world.”

A copy of the “Pathways for Families” booklet cover is avalaible by licking the link here for your convenience.

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Ethics and Catholic teaching in relation to End of Life,including Palliative Care, Advanced Care Planning and the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017. SrCarol is a Sister of Mercy, practising medical doctor and author of “When Lifeis Ending…” (

ALL WELCOME. Special interest for families, friends &parishioners supporting others, Palliative, Medical,Pastoral & Spiritual Care professionals. 

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