History of Eaglehawk Parish

eaglehawk 350pxSome major milestones:

The Opening of St. Augustine’s, Myers Flat; also used as a school.

A meeting of  ‘gentlemen’ at the Johnson’s Reef Hotel, California Gully, to discuss building of a Catholic Church in Eaglehawk.

1868. Laying of the foundation stone - Reverend Dean Backhaus.
1869. Opening of St. Liborius Church, by the Right Reverend, Dr. Gould, Bishop of Melbourne; parish was administered from St. Kilians.
1904: Laying of the foundation stone for the Parish Hall, and the school was begun. Mercy Sisters travelled out from Bendigo.
1917: St. Liborius, Eaglehawk, became a parish in its own right; Fr. E.J. Rooney was first Parish Priest.   Properties at 386 and 388 Eaglehawk Rd. (then known as Mt. Korong Rd) were purchased to be used as a presbytery and a convent respectively.
Sisters of St. Joseph staffed the school and lived in the convent.
1954: The Order of Friars Minor came to look after the parish.
1978: The Sisters of St. Joseph withdrew from the parish and the first Lay Principal was appointed.
1979: Raywood and District was brought into the parish.
1982: Two new classrooms were built.
1994: Refurbishing of Administration  Area of School and Staff Rooms and two new second-story classrooms and a glass vault erected over courtyard.
1999. The Franciscan Friars withdrew from the parish and a Diocesan Priest was appointed.
2004: New developments were begun: relocating of Tennis Courts, Parish Centre, Presbytery and  building of four new classrooms.
2005: The official opening of the St. Liborius Parish Centre
2011: The opening of the new Liborius Centre.