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Year of Grace Resources

Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization Click to visit

Archdiocese of Melbourne
In this Year of Grace, the Melbourne Archdiocese will play host to a variety of international speakers offering their insights on the faith in the modern world. Here are just some of the events set to happen in the next few months.  Click here for details

Diocese of Rockhampton

Pray As You Go  Reflections on upcoming Sunday readings.  Click here to visit
and a daily email, which sends a prayer to your inbox each day.  Click here to Subscribe
Our thanks to Sister Kym Harris and her Benedictine community for their work, and to the Diocese of Rockhampton

Archdiocese of Brisbane
Year of Grace Home page includes excellent multimedia resources, prayers, reflections. Click here to Visit
Our thanks to the Archdiocese of Brisbane for permission to feature their material.