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DDF Logo top 125pxOne of the many fine bodies I have found serving the Diocese of Sandhurst is the Diocesan Development Fund. Many dioceses are blessed with the services of a development fund, and perhaps for some this service is taken for granted..

Contact Details

DDF Logo top 125pxFund Manager: Cameron Fraser
Postal Address: PO Box 201, Bendigo 3552.
Tel: 03 5445 3606, Fax: 03 5441 8278
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


DDF Logo top 125pxThe Fund provides the following banking services:

  • Deposit & Investment Products:
  • Loan Products:
  • Online Facility:
  • Over the counter deposits and withdrawals

About Us

DDF Logo top 125pxThe Diocesan Development Fund (DDF) was established by the late Bishop Noel Daly in July 1980 and supports the work of the Catholic Church. The DDF does so by providing financial services to meet the borrowing needs of parishes, schools and agencies of the Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst so they can realise their vision for the benefit of the Catholic community.