Homily: Blessing of the Year 7 Building, Nathalia, 12th October, 2018

Blessing of the Year 7 Building
St Mary of the Angels College, Nathalia
12th October, 2018

I am always pleased to visit St Mary of the Angels here in Nathalia and I am particularly pleased today to be blessing your new Year 7 building. School  buildings are important — but what is essential for Catholic education,  is the heart of the school — Jesus Christ.

It takes many people to grow, develop and educate children and I know that this is done so happily here in a wonderful educational environment, immersed in the spirit of St Francis of Assisi. Students who occupy this new building are very blessed, as they not only will be supported by their families, but also will have great education in a first class facility to assist their learning, with teachers who will work with each student so that they develop their God-given talents.

When we talk about new buildings, we think of plans, of foundations and all the materials that go into making a building. Jesus is the true foundation of everything that we build in our lives. Without Him, our plans come to nothing. This is why we are here today – to ask in Jesus’ name for God the Father’s blessing on this building – a new part of our school. We ask God to send His Spirit to bring light to the minds of those who have worked with our new school’s plans. May that same Holy Spirit give strength and wisdom to the hands and hearts of all who have taken part in its construction.

And most importantly, we ask that the students and teachers in its classrooms and corridors be filled with the knowledge, understanding, peace, joy and kindness that only God can give, as they learn and work as disciples of Jesus.

People are here today from different places around. Together, we share the same desire: that this new school building will assist this school to be the best possible place for our young people to study and grow. We realize that what we are building here goes far deeper than foundations of cement and gravel. We know too, that our lives are joined together in Jesus, who died, rose and sent us His Spirit to make us one body. We know that our faith is built on the preaching of the Apostles. And finally, we know that Christ’s gift of holiness through Baptism makes us members of the household of God – living stones on which will be built future generations of disciples like ourselves.

So today is a wonderful day. By asking God to bless our new building, we have opened ourselves to infinite possibilities for what He will do in the lives of everyone who passes through its doors.

Ensuring all the routines and systems that come with a new facility are properly in place and functional, the challenge for us now is to ensure that we use our building in a way that engages children in learning that is relevant, meaningful and embedded in our Christian Catholic faith.

Congratulations to all who have made this possible!