Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council (SMPC)

The Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst has a history of collaborative governance and leadership, including the establishment of a Diocesan Pastoral Council. The shape, form and function of this leadership, including the Council, has varied according to the needs of the time. Currently, the Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council (SMPC) is understood as an expression of synodality in the life and mission of the local Church of Sandhurst.  As representatives of the entire Diocese, members of the SMPC are keen to hear your thoughts and ideas for the Diocese; please feel free to contact them via the email addresses below. 


Meetings of the Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council (SMPC)


  pdf Report on Meeting 5 (23-24 February 2024) (204 KB)

  pdf Report on Meeting 6 ( 20 April 2024) (206 KB)


  default Report on Meeting 1 (27-28 April 2023) (158 KB)

  default Report on Meeting 2 (14-15 July 2023) (1.27 MB)

  pdf Report on (257 KB) pdf  Meeting 3 (25-26 August 2023) (257 KB)

  pdf Report on (223 KB) pdf  Meeting 4 (17-18 November 2023 (223 KB) pdf ) (223 KB)


Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council (SMPC)

Joining Bishop Shane Mackinlay and Fr Joe Taylor VG on the Council are: 

Goulburn Valley Deanery

Mrs Alana Brennan, St Augustine’s Parish, Kyabram

Mrs Jobelle Collier, St Brendan’s Parish, Shepparton

Mrs Angela Finn, St Augustine’s Parish, Kyabram

Fr Jackson Saunders, St Brendan’s Parish, Shepparton and St Mary’s Parish, Dookie 


North Eastern Deanery

Mrs Gabrielle Downie, St Joseph’s Parish, Benalla  (CHAIR) 

Mr Stephen McKinley, Sacred Heart Parish, Wodonga

Mr Michael McLinden, Sacred Heart Parish, Wodonga

Fr Vijay Bandanadam ALCP/OSS, St Joseph’s Parish, Benalla 


Western Deanery

Mr Mick Chalkley, St Therese’s Parish, Kennington

Mr Miggy Podosky, St Kilian’s Parish, Bendigo

Mrs Christine Sebire, St Mary’s Parish, Echuca (representative to attend College of Consultors Meetings)

Fr Stephen Bolling, St Liborius' Parish, Eaglehawk and St Mary’s Parish, Inglewood 


Bishop’s Appointments

Ms Kate Fogarty, Executive Director, Catholic Education Sandhurst Ltd

Mr Jean-Marie Mupenda, St Brendan’s Parish, Shepparton


The Diocese began preparation and consultation for a Mission and Pastoral Council in July 2022 by visiting almost every parish of the Diocese.  In March 2023 Bishop Shane Mackinlay announced the members of the SMPC and commissioned them at the Chrism Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral in April 2023. 

The first meeting of the Council was held in Shepparton on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 April.  

Please pray for the Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council, and for our Diocese, as we seek to become “a more missionary and pastoral Church” (from the ‘Prayer for the Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council’).


More about SMPC 


Leslie Cooper

by phone 03 5441 2544

by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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The Statutes for the Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council are based on:

A Year of Preparation and Consultation for the SMPC
27 April 2022 to 27 April 2023

27 April 2022 - Year of Preparation and Consultation began

15 February 2023 - Diocesan Assembly, in Shepparton

10 March 2023 - Expressions of interest closed

24 March 2023 - Members of the SMPC announced

4 April 2023 - Members of the SMPC commissioned (Chrism Mass)

27 April 2023 - First meeting of the SMPC (Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel)


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The Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council (SMPC) met in Shepparton for the second time last month. After weeks of personal formation and preparation, members were…
The Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council (SMPC) held its inaugural meeting on Friday 28 April and Saturday 29 April. Council members spent time in prayer,…
  Themes which emerged from the fifty-two consultation meetings held in churches, halls and schools across the Diocese betwen July and December 2022 in preparation…
A key milestone of our preparation and consultation for the SMPC was the Diocesan Assembly on 15 February 2023.  
A prayer for the Sandhust Mission and Pastoral Council is available for download. 
Since they were commissioned by Bishop Shane in July 2022, Dr Chris Cotter and Ruth Lawlor have facilitated over 48 preparation and consultation meetings.
A key recommendation in the 2020 Go Forth Review of the Diocese was that Bishop Shane Mackinlay establish a Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Council. 
A Preparation and Consultation Plan to establish the SMPC is available for download. 
With the release of Interim Report on the consultation Phase of the Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council (SMPC)  Ruth Lawlor reflects on her encounters with parishioners…