About the SMPC

A key recommendation in the 2020 Go Forth Review of the Diocese was that Bishop Shane Mackinlay establish a Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Council (DMPC) to support him to “operate in a strategic and collaborative way, drawing on the best possible advice of lay people and clergy for delivery of the Church’s mission.” (Go Forth Report).

When established, the Council will support synodal governance in the Diocese through a structure that builds co-responsibility and discernment in leadership and decision making. It will strengthen our capacity to operate in a strategic and collaborative way, by drawing on the best possible advice of lay people and clergy for pursuing the Church’s mission. 

Council Membership

The Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council (SMPC) will comprise of 16 members, which will include the Bishop as President, the Vicar General (ex officio), and from each of the three deaneries, one clergy member and three lay members. 

Up to two members will be selected by the Bishop ex officio. 

Membership will be for a term of three years.

Each member is to be a representative of the Diocese and not of the parish, deanery, region, or agency from which they come.



Statutes for the SMPC will be developed adn tehn promulgated by the Bishop. The Statutes will be informed by the Code of Canon Law, teh Light from the Southern Cross Report, the Go Foth Report, the outcomes of the Plenary Council, and feedback form the preparation and consultation meetings. 


An executive will be constituted to carry forward the business of hte SMPC between meetings comprising the Bishop, Chairperson and Director of Mission and Pastoral Life, who is to be the Executive Officer. 

Expressions of Interest

On 15 February, at the Diocesan Assembly, the Bishop will call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from the Christian faithful of the Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst who meet the membership requirements described in the CIC 512 and criiteria aligned with the stated purpose of the SMPC. All EOS will be submitted using an electronic form. The electronic EO form with clearly described requirements and criteria awill be developed by the office of the Director of Mission and Pastoral Life and approved by the Bishop. 

Each EOI will be prayerfully considered through a process of discernment and wighed against the membership requirements and critiera.  The EOS will be considered by a panel convened and chaired by Bishop Shane Mackinlay. The panel will consiste of the following members: 

the Vicar General, Very Rev. Joe Taylor PP

the Episcopal Vicar for Education, Very Rev. Brian Boyle 

three lay people (tba).


Key Dates 

15 February 2023 - Bishop Shane calls for EOIs

10 March 2023 - last day for Expressions of Interest to be submitted. 

24 March 2023 - Members of the SMPC announced  

4 April 2023 - Members commissioned by Bishop Shane Mackinlay at the Chrism Mass on 4 April 2023. 

27 April 2023 - the inaugural meeting of hte SMPC to take place.  (on the Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Patron Saint of our Diocese).