Mission and Pastoral Life

Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council (SMPC). 

The Diocese is preparing to establish Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council (SMPC) which will support synodal governance in the Diocese through a structure that builds co-responsibility and discernment in leadership and decision-making. It will strengthen capacity to operate in a strategic and collaborative way, by drawing on the best possible advice of lay people and clergy. The SMPC will be a leadership body with the purpose of advising the Bishop on ways to support the mission and pastoral ife of the Diocese.  It will consist of sixteen members. 

A Year of Preparation and Consultation for the Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council SPC

On 27 April 2022, the Feast Day of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Patron Saint of our Diocese,  Bishop Shane announced a year of Preparation and Consultation for the Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council (SMPC).  Since being commissioned by Bishop Shane Dr Chris Cotter, Director of Mission and Pastoral Life, and Ms Ruth Lawlor, Sandhurst Youth Ministry Coordinator, have facilitated numerous preparation and consultation meetings including meetings with  parish groups,  senior school students and  school staff.  The preparation and consultation meetings aim to ensure a broad understanding across the diocese of the proposed Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council (SMPC), its purpose, how it will function and how it will be established.  The meetings also aim to encourage expressions of interest. 


Diocesan Assembly 15 February 2023 

On Wednesday 15 February, representatives from every parish, school and Catholic entity in the Diocese of Sandhurst will join Bishop Shane and Clergy at the Diocesan Assembly. It will be the first Diocesan Assembly in living memory.  The purpose of the Assembly is for our Diocese to gather and experience synodality as a Diocese, to pray, to listen to enter into dialogue with each other, and to celebraete our shared identity as the local Church in Sandhurst. The Assembly is also a call for expressions of interest from those interested in becoming members of the Sandhurst Mission and Pastoral Council. 




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