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So You’re Seeking to Renew Your Faith? - Short Course - Non Award program

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Diocese of Sandhurst - Coat of Arms

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sandhursr diocese coat of arms 250pxSince coming to the Diocese Bishop Tomlinson has considered the adoption by the Diocese of a Coat of Arms.  Apparently Bishop Daly commissioned a Coat of Arms for the Diocese in 1979, but it was never used.  With the help of a number of people a suitable coat of arms for the Diocese was devised.

The arms of the Diocese of Sandhurst are blazoned:

Quarterly, per saltire or and azure on the former in fess two roses gules, in chief an estoile (or eight (8) pointed star) and in base a representation of the Paderborn Cross argent.

The gold of the field represents the goldfields which is located within the diocese and the blue represents the Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

The star and the two roses have their origin in an earlier design proposed for the arms of the diocese in 1979. This proposal does not appear to have been put into use, its existence is little known in the diocese and its original symbolism is not known at all.

The Paderborn Cross which is represented in base was discovered at Paderborn in Germany which was the place of origin of Dr Henry Backhaus, the pioneer priest of the Bendigo Goldfields and the architect of the financial security of the diocese and of the cathedral.

The diocesan arms are displayed alone or impaled with those of the Bishop.

The arms were designed by Richard d’Apice and Fr Guy Selvester and illustrated by Sandy Turnbull.

Along the Track

Along the Track are a series of reflections by Jim Quillinan of Warragul produced by the Catholic Diocese of Sale.  These regular newsletters are very insigtful and can be viewed by visiting

A children's prayer for the Year of Grace

Loving God, we know that you
love us always, wherever we
go and whatever we do.

The Year of Grace and the Year of Faith will run together until November 24, 2013

yearofgracelogo 125Initially, the Year of Grace, a national initiative of the Australian Bishops Conference, was planned to run from Pentecost 2012 to Pentecost 2013.  On the announcement of the Year of Faith by Pope Benedict XVI, it was decided to extend the Year of Grace to run with the Year of Faith until the Feast of Christ the King, 2013.

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