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Safeguarding - Diocese of Sandhurst

ncss commitment 450The Safeguarding Committee of the Diocese of Sandhurst is part of the structure under the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards which is designed to be implemented by Catholic entities across Australia. The Standards constitute a framework which articulates the requirements for Catholic entities to promote the safety of children, young people (a child or young person is anyone under the age of 18 years) and adults at risk (an adult at risk is any person over the age of 18 years who is at an increased risk of experiencing abuse or exploitation, including by virtue of their age, disability, diminished capacity, cognitive impairment, cultural background, life or personal circumstance) through the implementation of policies and activities to prevent, respond and report concerns regarding all types of abuse.

The Committee consists of the Bishop, Safeguarding Co-ordinator, clergy of the Diocese and lay members, a composition representing the professions of law, health, education, parishes and social work across the Diocese.

The Committee meets at least three times a year. (See pdf Terms of Reference (176 KB) ).

The current Chair of the Committee is Ms Frances Browne (contact details below).
It is the responsibility of the Committee to oversee Safeguarding policies and procedures of the diocese and advise the Bishop in his duty of creating and sustaining safeguarding practices and policies in the parishes, agencies and entities of the Diocese.
The Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all persons, especially children, young people and adults at risk and has a zero tolerance of abuse. The Diocese is committed to nationally established standards and protocols of the Catholic Church, as well as being compliant with all government legislation.


1.  pdf Commitment Statement to the Safety of Children, Young People and Adults at Risk (124 KB)

2. pdf Policy - Safeguarding Children and Young People (648 KB)  

       * pdf Appendix A: Children are safe, informed, and participate (161 KB)

       * pdf Appendix B: Code of Conduct (152 KB)

       * pdf Appendix C: Recruitment, screening, induction and training (171 KB)

       * pdf Appendix D: Risk Management, providing a safe environment (260 KB)

       * pdf Appendix E: Safeguarding and Complaints Management (237 KB)

       * pdf Appendix F: National Police Check Protocol (229 KB)

       * pdf Appendix G: Working with Children Check Protocol (222 KB)

       * pdf Appendix H: Child Safety Legislation in Vic and other Jurisdictions (160 KB)

3. pdf Children's Code of Conduct (78 KB)

4. Social Networking Policy

5. pdf Responding to Issues of concern (flowchart)
(57 KB)
pdf (82 KB)

pdf 6. (82 KB) pdf Guidelines for Managing High Risk Individuals (82 KB)

7. pdf (82 KB) pdf Consent/Incident/Complaint form (72 KB)

8.  pdf Safeguarding Committee Terms of Reference (176 KB)  (2024)


Child Protection Legislation

Working With Children Check

Summary of Grooming Offence

Summary of Failure to Protect Legislation

Summary of Failure to Report legislation

Victorian Child Safe Standards including Reportable Conduct Scheme


Information for Child Safe Organisations



     Empowerment and Participation


    Cultural Safety


     Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children 


      Children with a disability

      Adults at Risk 


Resources for Parents and Carers

1. pdf Charter for children in out-of-home care (87 KB)

2. pdf What to look for in a childsafe organisation (320 KB) pdf
(87 KB)

3. pdf Older children home alone (192 KB) pdf
(87 KB)

4. pdf (87 KB) pdf Other people looking after your child babysitters (180 KB) pdf
(87 KB)

5. pdf (87 KB) pdf Teach your child to keep themselves safe (188 KB)

6. pdf Listening to Children (348 KB)

7. pdf Guide for parents and carers (722 KB)

Resources for Online Safety

Stay Safe Online



pdf ACSL final audit report – April 2021 (814 KB)

National Redress Scheme
click to download the pdf NRS Application form 2018 (119 KB)

CCYP An overview of the Victorian child safe standards

ACSL (Australian Catholic Safeguarding Limited) Information

pdf Integrity in Our Common Mission  (528 KB)

Mandatory reporting

Truth, Justice, Healing Council
CCYP A Guide for Creating a Child Safe Organisation Vers 5.0 (6.26 MB)

Pathways Response Vic Ltd
(444 KB)

ACSL National Catholic Safeguarding Standards (NCSS)
(444 KB)

CCYP Reportable Conduct – Video


default Media Release: 20 January 2023 - Church publishes fifth annual report on child safety (184 KB)

Media Release: 7 December 2022 - National Catholic Safeguarding Standards Edition 2 Published

Media Release: 21 December 2021 - Pathways Victoria  (218 KB)

pdf Media Release:  8 April 2021 - Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst Welcomes Report of Safeguarding Audit (150 KB)

pdf Media Release:  7 February 2017 - Statement from Bishop Leslie Tomlinson - Royal Commission (553 KB)


To make contact with the Diocesan Safeguarding Committee
Ms Frances Browne (Chair)
M: 0400 505 464 | E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further contact
Pathways Victoria
Ph (03) 7064 3940 or www.pathwaysvictoria.com