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A Space for Grace

Each Sunday of the Year of Grace, parishes are asked to make a small space available in their bulletins for a brief reflection on grace, based on the readings of the day. You are invited to ponder on aspects of your own daily life in the light of God’s grace, and your own insights from Scripture, as the Holy Spirit speaks to you.
These reflections are designed by Glen Avard. 

"Reaching out to all with the Good News!” Fr Paul Murray speaks.

reaching out st mels 2012 125pxTHE Sandhurst Diocese has been blessed with a visit from two prominent Catholic priests recently, when Cardinal Rodriguez and Father Paul Murray OP spent two days in the Diocese visiting and meeting with priests, school students, teachers, the youth ministry reference group, Caritas and Justice representatives and parishioners.

Jesus stained glass 125pxIn Jesus Christ, God is revealed in a human person. Born about 2000 years ago, to a simple family in Nazareth in Palestine, he grew up like others of his time and culture. He was like us, but did not sin. God’s love flowed through him, without limit, in a way that would change the world.

“The ancient writers of the Church said of prayer that it is ‘Heart speaking to heart.’
(Gerard Hughes SJ, God of Surprises, 31).

Research, find out, gather data, reflect, talk with person(s) who are knowledgeable about the   issue if possible, talk with a friend, family member or another person who knows and cares about you, if appropriate (a good person for this will help you to reflect but will realise that the decision has to be yours).

Moral conscience, present in the heart of a person, is a judgement of reason, which inspires us to do good and to avoid evil. When we are committed to living as good people, conscience is one of the ways God can speak to our hearts.

We are responsible as trustees and stewards of the gifts of the earth and of our environment. The goods of earth are God’s gifts for all. The way we treat the earth, the environment and creatures reflects respect for the Creator.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit enable virtuous living as Jesus’ disciples: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord [Reverence] (Isaiah 11:2)

Think of someone you admire as a person of integrity and goodness. You may recognise their virtues:

A virtue is a power or habit that enables us to live a good life: a firm disposition to do good. Virtues are strengthened by repeated actions, guided in the light of faith and reason.

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Psalms and readings from the Liturgy of the Hours, and Mass readings.

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