We are responsible as trustees and stewards of the gifts of the earth and of our environment. The goods of earth are God’s gifts for all. The way we treat the earth, the environment and creatures reflects respect for the Creator.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit enable virtuous living as Jesus’ disciples: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord [Reverence] (Isaiah 11:2)

Think of someone you admire as a person of integrity and goodness. You may recognise their virtues:

A virtue is a power or habit that enables us to live a good life: a firm disposition to do good. Virtues are strengthened by repeated actions, guided in the light of faith and reason.

Grace (charis) is a term which speaks of our participation in God’s life. It is God’s free gift and favour, helping us to live as the people God has created us to be.

Catholic moral teaching encompasses Jesus’ law of love and a ‘consistent ethic of life.’ Natural Law, confirmed in our own experience, reveals that human life is precious.

The ‘Ten Commandments’ of the Hebrew (Old Testament) Scriptures express many truths of ‘Natural Law’ that may be worked out using reason. (Exodus 20:2-17 and Deuteronomy 5:1-21).

Wise people in all traditions recognise truths about what is good, through reflection and reasoning based on human experience and observations of the world.

Every human person is a being of immeasurable dignity because each is created in the image and likeness of God, with a spiritual and immortal soul (or spirit), intelligence and free will.

“I came that they may have life and have it to the full”  [John 10:10]

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The ministry of Adult Faith Education in the Diocese of Sandhurst responds to the Church’s expressed need for programs and resources to support Faith Education, Spiritual Formation and Ministry Skills Training, recognising that all the baptized are called to share Christ’s mission in the Church for the world:

 “We will be learning communities providing diverse, flexible and accessible opportunities for adults across the diocese to explore scripture, Vatican II, theology, Catholic social teaching, and a spirituality which connects prayer, faith, life, culture and mission.” [Sandhurst Diocese Pastoral Plan 2005, Goal 5]

“…spiritual formation ought to occupy a privileged place in a person's life. Everyone is called to grow continually in intimate union with Jesus Christ in conformity with the Father’s will, in devotion to others in charity and justice. ..” [Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation of Pope John Paul II, Christifidelis Laici, 1988,  par 60] .

“As sharers in the role of Christ as priest, prophet, and king, the laity have their work cut out for them in the life and activity of the Church. Their activity is so necessary within the Church communities that without it the apostolate of the pastors is often unable to achieve its full effectiveness.”(cf. 1 Cor. 16:17-18)”
[Vatican II, Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, 1965, par 10].

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