Teachers from St Liborius Primary School take RCIA journey

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Earlier in the year, the St Liborius’ RCIA Team was approached by one of the staff at the parish school, asking: “There are six of us who want to become Catholics. What do we do?”
The RCIA team arranged a time and place and journeyed on together.
Their stories are remarkable; each had come to this point from a very different background. They are indeed six individual Spirit-filled people.
There were many challenges over the months that followed.
Parish Priest Fr Antony Joseph was a great support, weighing in with precision timing. His relationship with the group is crucial.
Gathering six busy people together for lectionary-based catechesis on Sunday – all with family commitments – was the biggest challenge.
One Sunday we met with three catechumens at the 7am Mass at St Kilians. True “Catholic’ hospitality was much appreciated.
St Liborius Parish community celebrated 150 years on July 29 this year, and the RCIA Group all participated, adding a special dimension to this event.
On Sunday, September 6, Gail, Brent, Adele, Vincent and Sandy were received into the Church.
Father Antony performed the ancient Rite, and each new member responded with the uniqueness, that characterised his or her journey in faith.
It was a beautiful celebration, with families, friends and our whole community.
Chelsie was unable to be present on the Sunday and chose to be initiated at the School Mass on Friday with the children.
As you can imagine, it was once again an awesome experience.It has been a rich Spirit-filled experience for our whole community.

Photo: St Liborius’, Eaglehawk, teachers Brent Anstee, Gail Davies, Chelsie Haebich, Sandy Crothers, Adele Henderson and Vincent Ryan have become Catholics.

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