Ave Sacer Christi

The 25-year-old third-year seminarian is grateful for the opportunity to sing with the Corpus Christi College  ‘Seminary Schola’. “It allows me to express my love to the Lord through singing at Mass,” says Dominic.Dominic


“I’m really passionate about singing and music,” says Dominic. “As a seminarian, it has helped me in so many ways, especially to cope with new and different situations. I particularly love sacred music; it gives me a sense of attunement with God in my daily meditations.”

In March this year, before they left the seminary to return to their respective dioceses, members of the Seminary Schola, recorded ‘Ave Sacer Christi’ (Hail Holy Christ), a song by contemporary composer, Kevin Allen.

Dominic is pleased to share this recording with you. The singers are:- Olek Stirrat, (Adelaide Archdiocese), Jace Napoles (Melbourne Archdiocese), Tom Christie (Melbourne Archdiocese), Anthony Beltrame (Adelaide Archdiocese), Allan Aclan (Melbourne Archdiocese), Jean Gery Sebastian (Melbourne Archdiocese), Joseph Schaefer (Melbourne Archdiocese), Jessie Bañez (Hobart Archdiocese), and of course, our very own Dominic Manatad (Sandhurst Diocese).

To listen to the Coprus Christi Schola’s recording of ‘Ave Sacer Christi’ please click here. 

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