106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees

“In the light of the tragic events that have marked 2020, I would like this Message, although concerned with internally displaced persons, to embrace all those who are experiencing situations of precariousness, abandonment, marginalisation and rejection as a result of COVID-19”.
[Pope Francis 2020, World Day of Migrants and Refugees message].

This year, Pope Francis’ WDMR message focuses on the pastoral care of internally displaced people (IDPs), who number over 41 million worldwide.

The title of his message is ‘Forced like Jesus to Flee’, the essence of this year’s WDMR message originates in the experience of the young Jesus and his family as displaced persons and refugees. This experience provides a specific Christological grounding for the Christian action of welcome or hospitality. 

The message concludes with the following prayer.

Father, you entrusted to Saint Joseph what you held most precious: the child Jesus and his Mother, in order to protect them from the dangers and threats of the wicked.

Grant that we may experience his protection and help. May he, who shared in the sufferings of those who flee from the hatred of the powerful, console and protect all our brothers and sisters driven by war, poverty and necessity to leave their homes and their lands to set out as refugees for safer places.

Help them, through the intercession of Saint Joseph, to find the strength to persevere, give them comfort in sorrows and courage amid their trials.

Grant to those who welcome them, some of the tender love of this just and wise father, who loved Jesus as a true son and sustained Mary at every step of the way.

May he, who earned his bread by the work of his hands, watch over those who have seen everything in life taken away, and obtain for them the dignity of a job and the serenity of a home.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, your Son, whom Saint Joseph saved by fleeing to Egypt, and trusting in the intercession of the Virgin Mary, whom she loved as a faithful husband in accordance with your will.

World Day of Migrants and Refugees is always an occasion to express concern for different vulnerable people on the move; to pray for them as they face many challenges; and to increase awareness about the opportunities that migration offers.

Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for the 106th World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2020

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