Mural Unveiled at Holy Rosary Primary School

HOlyRosaryMural TroyFirebrace 700“The design centres around the creation story and tells the story from the past through to the present time,” said Troy.

“The completion of the artwork was a three-day project executed over the school holidays. The actual design work of the project was from the students. I acted as the paintbrush, but the concept and design elements were solely from the students, and then I just executed it,” he said.
Principal Paul Wilkinson said the seed for the project was planted about five years ago after staff expressed a desire to recognise and strengthen the school community’s relationship with indigenous cultures.

“We made a commitment as a staff to actively work towards doing a better job. It started with a couple of staff and now have a solid educational base around indigenous perspectives. It’s a really important step for the school and at the end of the day we can only aim to get better, and I think that’s something we have achieved through the project,” he said.

Teacher and Indigenous Coordinator Eva Rosaia said it was a pleasure to work with Troy, the Fire Carriers students and now three children that identify as indigenous,” she said.

“Working through the process was very inciteful and we are just so pleased to have something in our school that will be here for a long time that represents the indigenous story,” said Eva.


The mural is proudly displayed on the school’s sports shed which is in a central position within the school grounds. The project was completed with the support of Catholic Education Sandhurst and the Indigenous Education Team.

HolyRosary SmokingCeremony TroyFirebrace 700