Baptisms at St Patrick’s Primary School, Wangaratta

The initiation of these six students into the Catholic Church was full of “firsts”, given that, over the centuries, most baptisms take place in a Church, rather than a school; these baptisms are possibly the first to happen at St Patrick’s Primary School in its nearly 150-year history; and, if records were kept, we have certainly broken an attendance record.

The Liturgy was led by Father Nathan Verallo and Father Shibu Pezhumthottathil of the Wangaratta Parish Ministry Team. The liturgy was spirit-filled and gave the children an opportunity to share the sacrament of Baptism with their school friends, teachers and families.

The six baptised students are from three families, and include Ruby, Evie and Oliver Fischer, Evie and Vivienne Giglio and Phoebe Wright.
A big thank you to our new parish priests Father Nathan and Father Shibu for welcoming these beautiful children into our faith community.

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