Sandhurst Priests learn more about Aboriginal Spirituality and Culture

Troy Firebrace Smoking Priests 350Our Aboriginal Education Team gave a presentation on Aboriginal Spirituality and Culture which was attended by all working Sandhurst priests and seminarians.

During the presentation, our Aboriginal Education Team presented an artwork which was imagined by our team and painted by team member Troy Firebrace.

The artwork is titled, “Sandhurst in Country.” It is a scaled map depicting all the townships with a catholic school, the main connecting roads of our Diocese and the Traditional Aboriginal custodians who are known and identified.

The artwork illustrates the vast and diverse network of our learning communities, incorporating respect for Aboriginal culture and knowledge. The symbols at the top of the artwork include and represent the connections of Aboriginal totems and the Catholic elements which are visual throughout our Diocese.









Sandhurst In Country M

Michael Chisholm and Troy Firebarce present the artwork "Sandhurst In Country" to Bishop Shane Mackinlay at the Sandhurst Priests' Inservice. 
(L-R) Michael Chisholm, Bishop Shane Mackinlay and Troy Firebrace. 

Above: Troy Firebrace performing a smoking ceremony at the Priests' Inservice.