Caritas working tirelessly in Ukraine


By Kerry Stone

Distribution of emergency goods to displaced families in Odessa. Photo Caritas Spes Ukraine 002Caritas Australia has a long-standing partnership with Caritas Ukraine. Caritas teams are currently working tirelessly in tremendously difficult circumstances to provide essentials to vulnerable and displaced people in Ukraine, including: Emergency food and water, Shelter, Hygiene kits and Trauma Counselling.

As we enter this season of Lent, we are reminded so vividly of the critical role that Caritas plays around the world in supporting vulnerable people. Now, in a COVID world, more than ever, Project Compassion is a source of light, hope and, of course, compassion.

Project Compassion is the ‘bread and butter’ campaign for Caritas Australia, enabling it to support its many programs working with the most vulnerable like those portrayed in this year’s Project Compassion Stories, as well as funds for emergency work, which are distributed to wherever the need is greatest as soon as a crisis occurs, currently including Ukraine.

However, Caritas has now launched a separate appeal for those who would like to directly assist Caritas Ukraine. I am conscious that this comes on top of Special Appeals for the Philippines and Tonga and at the same time as Project Compassion. Many parishioners have already been incredibly generous. And of course, we’re appealing for Project Compassion support.

These are extraordinary times and this has been a difficult story to write. We really can’t afford to lose Project Compassion but the Ukraine needs our support.

Parishes have already received from Bishop Shane, the statement of concern and support from our Australian Bishops. Their prayer is below.


Ukrain PrayerForPeaceAndJustice ACBC

God of peace and justice, who changes the hardened heart and breaks the power of violence,

we entrust the people of Ukraine to you.

Protect them in this time of peril; let them know not death but life, not slavery but freedom.

You are Father of all; we brothers and sisters.

Give us the strength to live that truth in love, choosing peace not war.

Through Christ our Lord.