Know a Good Egg?

EggA good chocolate egg is one that has been produced ethically, and in an environmentally sustainable way, across every step of the manufacturing and distribution process and throughout the supply chain.

The easiest way for consumers to purchase ethical chocolate eggs it to look at the packaging for stamps of ethical certification. 

Fairtrade Logo 1024x861Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand


RainforestAlliance Seal   Rainforest Alliance 


UTZ Certified (now part of the Rainforest Alliance)  

To learn more about Fair Trade in general, check out the World Fair Trade website.

If you would like to read more about ethical certification and the humanitarian and environmental issues around chocolate production, please click on the websites listed above as a start to your inquiry.

Check out Be Slavery Free's 2021 Easter Chocolate Score Guard , which is a great guide to purchasing chocolate. if you're curious to see if there's been any change since 2021, register for the launch of the 2022 Be Slavery Free Chocolate Score Card on Friday 8 April, go to: Chocolate — Be Slavery Free  

You might also like to consider if chocolate Easter eggs really are the best gifts to help celebrate the Easter season.  Apart from the ethical issues of child and slave labour, and environmentally unsustainable growing and harvesting practices, consider the packaging (destined to go straight to the bin); the food-miles; and, even the low nutritional value of processed chocolate.  

Is this really something you want to give to your children, grandchildren, or friends?  Why not consider alternative gifts, maybe taking time to decorate and make Easter decorations with your loved ones could be a better gift all round. There are plenty of ideas and resources online.  After all, to paraphrase Pope Francis,  consumption is a necessary part of life, but consumerism is not.