Graduate Teachers Gather at Conference 2022

Early Careers 900
The first of the conference keynote speakers, Glen Pearsall engaged the graduate teachers with his excellent presentation around fast and effective assessment, questioning and feedback. He was able to model effective classroom management strategies throughout the day, building the toolbox all our teachers need. One graduate teacher commented, ‘Listening to Glen Pearsall was amazing; there are many things I will be taking back to the classroom from his talk ─ Questioning techniques, providing more timely feedback and classroom management’.
Linda Blakis from VIT spent the second day working collaboratively with the graduate teachers to guide them through the process of registration. The teachers were provided opportunities to ask questions and share wonderings regarding the inquiry process. Linda also spoke to the Code of Conduct and the community expectations which are placed upon the teaching profession.
Catholic Education Sandhurst Ltd and La Trobe University are embarking on a research project to gain a greater understanding of the transition of graduate teachers in regional and rural schools into teaching. Our graduate teachers enthusiastically participated in focus group discussions, which will inform and guide the research, as well as support the development of our Early Career Teachers program.
There was a strong representation of the Catholic Education Sandhurst team, with the Executive Director, Paul Desmond providing an inspiring speech which employed the use of images to recontextualise the gospel message and spoke of the wonder and privilege it is to be a teacher of the next generation. Joy Ready, the Learner Diversity Team Leader also presented, focusing on the learning needs of our diverse learners, providing excellent resources, and answering questions from the teachers on how to respond to their learners’ needs.
Thank you to all the graduate teachers for their engagement and enthusiasm, the school Principals for valuing the opportunities provided by the conference and sending their graduates, despite the current staffing issues, and the CES staff who supported the 2022 Graduate Conference.


 By Andrea O’Connor - Senior Education Officer: Leader of Pedagogy