Catholic Sector Urges Parliament to Pass Aged Care Reform Bills Quickly

Catholic Health Australia has welcomed the introduction of aged care reform legislation today (Wednesday) and praised the Albanese Government for its commitment to improving quality and standards for the elderly and vulnerable. 
Catholic not-for-profit aged care providers are urging the Parliament to pass the Bills quickly so that they can implement reforms and lift standards. 
CHA Director of Aged Care, Jason Kara said the two tranches of legislation ─ one responding to the Royal Commission and the other delivering election commitments such as new standards of care and pricing ─ show the new Government is serious about aged care reform.
“Legislation introduced today really fires the starting gun on reform. This is long overdue and our members welcome the fact that the Albanese Government is serious about improving care for the elderly and the vulnerable in our society.” 
“It is really encouraging that one of this Government’s first acts is to introduce a Bill responding to the Royal Commission which handed down its final report almost 18 months ago. The Catholic sector is greatly encouraged by Aged Care Minister, Anika Wells’ passion and commitment to lift care standards. We urge the Parliament to support a speedy passage to law.” 
Mr Kara said the second piece of legislation ─ the establishment of new care standards and how to pay for them ─ would give transparency and certainty to providers. 
“The establishment of an independent pricing authority will give providers greater clarity over the level of funding they can expect for the people in their care. This can only be a good thing for providers and for the people who are in their care.” 
“We look forward to working with the Government and the Parliament as the important Bills are debated in coming weeks.”