Common Home TV Presents: Reflections on the Plenary Council

CommonHomeTV PLenaryTo make sense of the proceedings of the Second Assembly, Common Home TV has prepared exclusive interviews with:
  • Professor John Warhurst (Concerned Catholics Canberra Goulburn)

  • Dr Elissa Roper (Plenary Council Drafting Committee)

  • Phyllis Zagano (American expert on the Women's Diaconate in the Catholic Church)

  • Francis Sullivan (former CEO Truth, Justice and Healing Council)

  • Dr Maeve Louise Heaney (Director, Xavier Centre of Theology, ACU). 
With diverse roles and perspectives, these videos will serve to inform both the average Catholic churchgoer and those in institutional and educational roles. 
Francis Sullivan reflects on a post-council Catholic identity. “Sometimes in our conversations, we can too narrowly define, or confine is a better word, the identity of the church. Identity is important, but the essence is more important and we, as Catholics at our heart are attempting to try and live the gospel message; that's the essence of following Jesus, being attentive to the spirit; that's the essence. Our identity is how that's expressed. Our identity is in us if you like, our positions in relationships in society, but that identity needs to change in order for the essence of what we're about to be preserved. That's our challenge in the modern world.” 
Common Home TV is an apostolate of the Redemptorists of Oceania that aims to provide a platform for quality Catholic video content from producers both national and international.