Animations introduce new Church Authorities

Ministerial 350The Association of Ministerial Public Juridic Persons (AMPJP) has produced two short animations which explain Ministerial Public Juridic Persons (PJPs) and the AMPJP to the wider Church. For many Catholics, the first time that they heard about the AMPJP and Ministerial PJPs was during the Plenary Council and in its Decrees. The first Australian Ministerial PJP was established in 1994 and the AMPJP was formed in 2016. 
AMPJP Council Chair, Eva Skira says, "We know that many people prefer short video clips over reading text. We hope that the animations will fire people’s curiosity such that they seek further information on the AMPJP website." 
Ministerial PJPs are Church Authorities who replace the diocese, parishes and Religious Institutes as the sponsor of Church ministries. Ministerial PJPs are one of the few Church Authorities where lay people are responsible for Church property and for development of Church ministries. 
"The maturity of the AMPJP and Ministerial PJPs means that we are now in a position to better explain our place in the Church," said Eva Skira.  
The development of Ministerial PJPs is a “Good News” story of seeds of Vatican II like the mustard tree growing and creating a place for many (Mark 4:30–32). 
The videos are freely available via the AMPJP’s Youtube channel. 
The video on the AMPJP runs for about two minutes with animation, voice-over and musical background. 
The video on Ministerial PJPs runs for about three minutes with similar animation, voice-over and musical background. 
View the Australian Ministerial PUblic Juridic Persons [AMPJP] animation:                   
View the Ministerial Public Juridic Persons [MPJP] animation: