St Joseph’s College Students Keep the Faith Alive in Local Aged-Care Facilities

StJosephs 350Year 10 Youth Ministry students from St Joseph’s College Echuca have developed a CD of prayers, readings and religious music for residents of aged-care facilities to tune into, when unable to access their regular religious services. 
As a result of the COVID pandemic, many residents of retirement and nursing homes continue to find it difficult to access visitors or religious services.
Matthew Scott, Youth Minister Leader, said the Year 10 students recorded a total of eight prayer recordings over the course of Term 2. 
“Students undertook initial research into prayers on a topic of their choice, such as peace, then curated a selection of songs and written reflections to accompany their recordings,” Mr Scott said. 
“For many of the students involved, it was a whole new experience for them in using media equipment to record themselves and then edit in their music to the podcast, and they did such a fantastic job!
“The opportunity to make the prayer recordings was also a great experience for students to engage in their faith in a new and meaningful way, while also having a positive impact on other members of the community.”
St Mary’s Parish liaison, Prue Crowe-Galea, who approached St Joseph’s to make the prayer recordings, was impressed with the finished product and thanked the students for their incredible work.
“The COVID pandemic has significantly impacted our aged-care residents,” Ms Crowe-Galea said.
“We have witnessed the rules and regulations around entering aged-care facilities change at short notice, and the loneliness and disconnect from their usual faith communities that can cause.
“We identified a great need for prayer recordings to be made available for use at any time, anywhere and we are incredibly grateful to St Joseph’s College for making this a reality.”
The prayer recordings will be distributed to all local aged-care facilities in the coming weeks and months.