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Thursday, 15 September 2022 19:14

Knights Commemorate 100 Years of Local Service

Saturday 10 September:  Members and friends gathered to commemorate the centenary of the Bendigo Branch of the Order of the Knights of the Southern Cross .  Mass celebrated at St Kilian’s Church was followed by lunch where members who have served with the Knights for fifty and even sixty years were formally acknowledged.   State Council Members, and members from Kerang, Wangaratta and Yarrawonga joined the celebrations and members were especially pleased that many of the wives of deceased members also attended.  
 KSC Procession 860
Branch Chairman, Kevin Lane, said the Knights felt very blessed to have so many Sandhurst priests concelebrating the Centenary Mass, including:  
Monsignor Frank Marriott OAM
Fr Junray Rayna (St Kilian's)
Fr Brian Boyle (Administrator Cathedral Parish Cluster)
Fr Peter Ferwerda (Chaplain KSC Bendigo/Heathcote Parish)
Fr Andrew Fewings (St Therese's Parish)
Fr Minh Tran (White Hills Parish)    
Fr Stephen Bolling (St Liborious Parish plus a number of others)
“We thank our clergy for so strongly supporting our KSC Centenary celebrations and the activities of the Knights in Sandhurst over the years,” said Branch Chairman, Kevin Lane.
“Our Cantor: Brother Travis Perera, who led the singing. Our organist Mike Podosky, and overhead projectionist, Sam Maloney (Kevin Egan's grandson) volunteered their services for the day, and I’d like to acknowledge them for their time and service,” said Mr Lane.
“A special mention must be given to Angela at The Chancery, who went above and beyond expectations preparing Souvenir Mass booklets, Prayer Cards and Bookmarks,” said Mr Lane.
There were just under 80 attendees at the lunch held at the Fernery Room at the All Seasons Hotel, where KSC Honour Boards, photographs and memorabilia were on display. Monsignor Frank Marriott said ‘Grace’ and led a toast to the Knights of the Southern Cross.  Mr Tom Dobeli, District Chairman, was Master of Ceremonies.  
PowerPoint presentations included photographs of many of the KSC activities over the years, conjuring great memories, especially of past members. 
KSC State President, Mr Paul Mitchell, and District Chairman, Mr Tom Dobeli presented members with Membership Certificates acknowledging their long years of service to community as members of the Knights.   
Thomas Joseph Fallon (Bendigo) and Laurence Michael (Mike) Derham (Bendigo) have been members for sixty years.  Kors Van Eyk (Castlemaine), Patrick John Godfrey (Bendigo) and Anthony Thomas Fitzpatrick (Castlemaine) have been members for fifty years.
Two other Brothers were to receive certificates, Patrick Lyons (Castlemaine) and John Ritchie (Bendigo), but were unable to attend on the day. Other arrangements will be made.
 KSC 2
The Order of the Knights of the Southern Cross is a national organisation of Catholic laymen who operate with the support of the Australian Bishops. Autonomous Branches of the Order operate in each Australian State. The Order is guided by the Catholic faith and the cardinal and chivalrous virtues of prudence, faith, justice, fortitude and temperance in all its charitable works. It strives to serve the wider community and support those in need.
If you would like to be part of a national organisation of Catholic men whose principal work involves helping those in need, we would like to meet you and invite you to join the Knights of the Southern Cross.
Membership of the Order of the Knights of the Southern Cross is open to all practising Catholic men. Knights are committed to strengthening their faith, supporting the Church, and making the community a better place.
As a service organisation, Knights individually and collectively strive to improve the spiritual and economic wellbeing of all and uphold Christian principles within our community.
Your involvement in the Order will provide you with opportunities to serve the Church, your community and those in need. It will also afford you the opportunity to develop as a Christian and enrich your spiritual life.