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Saturday, 08 June 2024 01:14

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To improve the public amenity of the land surrounding the Sacred Heart Cathedral by activating the public spaces and providing better connection to the crown land on the corner of Wattle Street and the Cathedral.
  • To consolidate Diocesan offices on the Cathedral site
  • To improve the existing parish hall facilities and integration with the public open space.
    • Retaining the existing 1960s Parish Hall was considered, but advice from Council and our consultants confirm that it is of little heritage significance.
    • Instead, the site will encompass a contemporary pavilion hall building that adds to the vibrancy of the local landscape and community.
  • To respond to Council’s planning scheme to develop the commercial zone, improve the boulevard entrance to the CBD, upgrade public open spaces, and respect the significance of the Cathedral.

For further information and enquiries please contact:

Cameron Fraser
Business Manager
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February 2024

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