St Mel

st mel 200pxFeastday: February 6th
Patron: diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnois, Ireland
 - 489
Canonized: Pre Congregation

St Mel is the Patron Saint of the Diocese of Ardagh, Country Longford, Eire.  The saint was a nephew od St Patrick, who bought him to Longford, and he was there consecrated Bishop by St Patrick who appointed him the first Bishop of Ardagh.

St Mel was present at the religious Profession of St Brigid of Ireland, and gave her the Religious veil.  The story is told that St Mel was invited by St Brigid to stay a week at her convent, and he offered Mass at the convent daily.  As a gift, St Brigid presented him with a cow for each day he had offered Mass.

His feast day is on February 6th.  May St Mel continue to intercede so that the parishoners will emulate his holiness.  Source: St Mel's Parish Shepparton 50th Anniversary 1955 - 2005)