A Prayer Before Meetings

We gather together in this meeting in Christ’s name,
and as servants of his kingdom,
and we remember that Jesus promised
that wherever two or more are gathered in his name,
he is in our midst.

And so we welcome Jesus into our hearts,
and ask him to free us
from all that  blights generous service:  
resentment and  pettiness,
impatience and domination.  

Instead, may our hearts be like his -  
and true;
so that what we do in his name
may be pleasing to the Father,
and blessed and prospered by the Holy Spirit.

We begin by praying as he taught us:  Our Father....

Items of Interest

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Upcoming Events

7 Oct
Our Lady of the Rosary
Date 07.10.2020
11 Oct
17 Oct
Saint Ignatius of Antioch
Date 17.10.2020
18 Oct