Some Ideas for Living a ‘Graced’ Life

grace ideas 350pxWhat are some practical ways to encounter Jesus and experience God’s grace in our lives ?

• Recite the Year of Grace prayer daily
• Take 5 mins a day to read a Gospel story of Jesus
• Spend time gazing on a favourite image(s) of Jesus
• Name your daily graces during family prayer
(buy a Roll-A-Grace for mealtime and a Roll-A-Prayer for bedtime pictured)
• Read a book about Jesus (see recommended readings)
• Ask family and friends for forgiveness of past hurts
• Share with others signs of Christ’s presence in our world
(eg random acts of kindness, courage, love in the news)
• Set aside a morning or a day for a quiet retreat to reflect on your
relationship with Jesus
• Journal about your experiences of people who are the face
of Jesus in your life
• Try to become more aware of Jesus in the Eucharist
• Ask the Holy Spirit daily for wisdom to live justly
• Read the Sunday readings before coming to Mass
• Utilise an online prayer site for praying at the computer
• Join a Scripture course focused on Jesus in the Gospels
• Listen to Christian songs/ music about ‘grace’ on your ipod
• Share with a friend a graced moment in your life
• Get up early to sit and watch the sun rise over the beach and
take time to thank God for the beauty of creation
• Learn a new style of prayer this year (eg Ignatian examen or lectio divina)
• Create a list of the ‘graces’ in your life and place it on your fridge,
computer screen, desk or toilet wall to remind you to ‘give thanks