Professional Standards Committee - Diocese of Sandhurst

The Professional Standards Committee of the Diocese of Sandhurst is part of the structure under the protocols established by Towards Healing process (n. 39) which requires that each Bishop have a consultative group to assist him in the formulation and review of Diocesan policies and practices relating to professional standards, specifically implementation of the process outlined in Towards Healing for responding to allegations of abuse of children, young persons and vulnerable adults.

It is the responsibility of this Committee to advise the Bishop on the appropriate response to complaints of abuse against priests, employees and volunteers in the Diocese. The Committee also provides advice on the review of Diocesan policies and practice relating to professional standards.

The Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all persons, especially children, young people and vulnerable adults. The Diocese is committed to nationally established standards and protocols of the Catholic Church, as well as being compliant with all government legislation.

The Committee consists of the Bishop, clergy of the Diocese and lay members, a composition representing the professions of law, health, education, parishes and social work across the Diocese. The Committee meets at least three times a year. The current Chair of the Committee is Father Brian Boyle (contact details below).

Through the work of this Committee, the Diocese is committed to the ongoing pastoral and personal support of any person who has suffered physical or sexual abuse by Church personnel.

Child Protection Legislation
Summary of Working with Children Act
pdf Summary of Grooming Offence (110 KB)
Summary of Failure to Protect Legislation
Summary of Failure to Report legislation
Victorian Child Safe Standards
Reportable Conduct Scheme
Reportable Conduct Scheme – Recent updates to information sheets

Tips sheets for Child Safe Organisations
Cultural Safety for Aboriginal Children
Safety of Children with a Disability
Safety of Children from Culturally and Linguistically diverse backgrounds
Empowerment and Participation of Children

National Redress Scheme click to download the pdf NRS Application form 2018 (119 KB)
An overview of the Victorian child safe standards
Catholic Professional Standards Ltd
Safety of Children and Vulnerable Adults
Towards Healing
Integrity in Ministry
Integrity in the Service of the Church
Mandatory reporting
Truth, Justice, Healing Council
Version 4.0 – A Guide for Creating a Child Safe Organisation (CCYP)Version 4.0 – A Guide for Creating a Child Safe Organisation (CCYP)

pdf Media Release: 7th February 2017 - Statement from Bishop Leslie Tomlinson - Royal Commission (553 KB)

To make contact with the Professional Standards Committee
Father Brian Boyle (Chair)
P.O. Box 201
Bendigo Vic. 3552.
03. 5441 2544

Further contact
Towards Healing help line    1800 816 030 (free call)
Professional Standards Resource Group (Victoria)
P.O. Box 6186
Mildura West   Vic. 3500.

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